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SUMMER  2022

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PRINTING your next event!


Food of the FUTURE?

Today`s technology goes hand in hand with world of food. At Creative Table we are always on a lookout for new ways to re-imagine your next culinary experience. Bringing a secret branding force to your next corporate event.

Let`s print some food!

local & plant based


Out of passion for hor`s dervues, we became known for creating  delicious and unique cocktail bites. Our constantly updated selection features not only delicious, but beautifully composed savory and sweet treats. Always inspired by LOCAL farmers.

small batch



Collaborations  with local brewers and distillers, helps us crate a community,

 a behind the scenes event SUPPORT

Always keeping up with the newest and best artisans, that locally craft quality and unique spirits for your next  event experience. Cheers.




Check out our ECO-FRIENDLY, waste-free alternative to promotional items! We don't use any packaging—anyone can bring the swag home and eat it! Even though it's ephemeral, it's memorable. Edible, branded decor and food presentation.




Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 4.20.58 PM.png

We make it soooo EASY. No room space, nor budget for your next promo event? Want to treat your team to a special lunch? A picnic?  Need a fun meal for that next team-building gathering? Gourmet gift boxes will surely make it special!

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