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In our menus you can find a balance of classic compositions with familiar yet transformed flavors, always incorporating a surprise element. Each of our menus is custom composed and all of our dishes are designed to synchronize with unexpected design details. 

We are continuously inspired by our innovative partners and we aim to create clean, seasonal, menus that fulfill our passion for food and its presentation. It keeps us creative & excited, and we can’t get enough of it!


Our wholesome, plant-based menus are an excellent example of our diverse culinary experiences. Our offering provides a broad range of culinary  modalities.


Farmers markets are our favorite place for exploring seasonal goodies from our local producers. That’s where you can spot our chefs looking for the inspiration for your next big event.

We have developed a great relationship with amazing farmers and producers who supplies us with exciting ingredients. We often use  locally grown, one of a kind, extra fresh, all natural produce. It is a perfect match for our beautiful, clean dishes.



The food, presentation ideas and event design, are all a big part of the culinary evolution. We are always on a look out and testing that new, exciting idea that will refresh our classics, and will give a beginning to a new one. Working with super creative marketing firms always pushes us take our food to the next level. Not only to stay current, but to set the new trends within the industry. Being a part of this exciting niche feeds us with creative energy that we carefully direct towards new projects & ventures.

Our ethos also extends to preserving the world around us. This year we made another big step towards a cleaner earth, by eliminating all of the plastic straws served at our catering events, and by  replacing them with all natural, biodegradable & plastic-free natural wheat stems. Cheers!

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