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Hot weather upon us, and even hotter events that we will be catering this summer! With this in mind - we curated fresh for the season selection of delicious cocktail bites that are perfect for your next big celebration. Our customized cooling trays will not only preserve the food during a party, but will also create fun & unique presentation!


It was a natural occurrence. Our mini cocktail bites adorned by locally grown micro greens and organic flowers. Within past few years we developed a relationship with local growers. Producers who are fascinated with sustainably growing unique and tropical plants right in NYC`s underground. Now that`s green future!


Each new event brings an inspiration not only to our kitchen. Our creative team looks for the smallest detail to create unique and customized designs.

Anything from the bar construction, to fun and eye-catching serving pieces.

Inspire us with your next event!


If you don’t like pickles, you’re totally behind the times because these puppies are embedded in rich history. According to the NY Food Museum, pickles date back to 2400 BC. You don’t mess with the past. Neither do we! That`s why our summer menus featuring some of our probiotic loaded novelties, like  pickled cherries in ginger vinegar!


Going beyond made-to-order stations, we are letting your guests customize their own dishes and drinks with D.I.Y. garnishes. Custom-built interactive food stations are not only fun, but they add an instant themed decor to the space.


Inspired by local farmer`s markets we challenge ourselves with recipes for  unique savory and sweet bites.

It’s pretty obvious that more and more people are moving toward a plant-based lifestyle. Our plant-based bites are seasonal, beautifully presented, and absolutely delicious!