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Founded in NYC in 2010, Creative Table was born out of passion for food and its presentation.  

Collaborating and creating an experience for corporate marketing or private celebrations.


When working on A NEW project, we get inspired by the smallest detail to come up with THE most appropriate menu design. Creating an experience for you and your guests by reinventing  classics, bringing excitement of flavors, colors & textures.


Our chefs believe in creating the best food there is by supporting local farmers and using clean, sustainable produce. 



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Peter Wojtkunski

Creative Director/ Founder 

Peter is three generations deep in the culinary arts. He grew up in Poland, near the Baltic sea,  where farm-to-table was the way of life. Peter was influenced by his godmother, the head chef of the iconic restaurant Maxim and by his grandfather, a lifelong fish monger.
He came to the U.S. to hone his skills in fine dining, pastry and event design. Under the training of top Michelin-starred chefs, Peter developed his own style of sweet and savory delicacies. He developed his skills in visual merchandising and presented artistic edibles for discriminating taste-buds.






Super important group of people working on each project. These are the guys that are with you till the very last moments of your event. Making sure your guests have everything they need and feel extra welcome. Most of our employees, in "back of the house" and "front of the house" we have worked with and known for years.


All of our team members are pleasure to work with, and are professional. Always go above and beyond to assure smooth and successful event. You can find them  creating cocktails behind the bar, passing beautiful bites, or working on final touches behind the scenes.

212.287.9032      New York 10075 

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